Admob House Ads / no impressions / solution

After migrating all my apps to the new admob (I also updated all my apps with the latest sdk and did the new id thing and all that stuff) I had some problem with my house ads not longer being displayed at all.

Generally, everything was imported from legacy admob correctly and I’ve setup everything correctly as well – I have checked that multiple times. The one thing admob was warning me about is that I had no credit at my account so no ads may be displayed.

By The Way: I worked on several other projects like a Portal for Properties in Gran Canaria for example! How do you like it?

It’s ok to tell me that for paid ads, but as I currently only want to display house ads, I didn’t want to send any payment for it.

After days of asking around and trying different things, I was told to check my billing information. I used my google account before with adwords so all my information depending on payments and credit should be correct. But checking it reminded me, that my entered credit card has expired (over here in spain I’ve used a debit card for that and if those expire the card is replaced completely, with a new number).

So I tought I give that a try and enter my current credit card information. Some days later (yes, it actually needed that much time) house ads started to get displayed – woohoo!

Kinda like it and I am happy that it works now, but actually a little hint would’ve been nice 🙂

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