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Top 100 at Steam Greenlight after 655 days

Hello fellow readers

This post i want to talk aout steam greenlight experience. Some years ago I developed Robo Miner, a casual digger/mining game for android devices using libgdx. Back the days (and still) I really like how libgdx handle things, so I sticked to it for nearly every of my following games (except dedicated pc games) Continue reading Top 100 at Steam Greenlight after 655 days

Obligatory First Post

Weeelll! This should grow to my new Dev BLOG – I don’t know if I find any time to actually fill it with interesting stuff .. the purpose is to post some developer related posts, minds, opinion about different things whenever I feel that I have to say something not directly related to one of my projects but still as a Log which may or may not be interesting for other devs to read 🙂